A group of young Rangarayans (Medical graduates from Rangaraya Medical College, Kakinada, India and currently practicing as Physicians in USA) met in the windy city, Chicago in 1971 and decided to start an organization called Rangaraya Medical College Old Boys Association. Only a few Rangarayans in Chicago and suburbs attended this meeting but they were not deterred and were even more determined to create Rangaraya association and spread the message of friendship and sharing the knowledge among Rangarayans settled across USA. The driving force behind this budding organization was none other than our proud Rangarayan Dr. Upendranadh Nimmagadda, a well-known surgeon, academician and philanthropist. The same organization has transformed into RMCANA (Rangaraya Medical College Alumni of North America) which stands very tall today with more than 650 active members serving the communities in our current home land, USA for the past 39 years. Our emphasis now is to share our experience, knowledge and expertise in various medical specialties with our fellow doctors in India and USA and serve their respective local communities. Our emphasis now is to share our experience, knowledge and expertise in various medical specialties with our fellow doctors in India and USA and serve their respective local communities. Our Members have participated in various charity programs in USA and India both on individual basis and as an organization (RMCANA). Our Latest Project is the RMCANA Golden Jubilee library in our Alma mater, Rangaraya Medical College, Kakinada, India. This is now recognized by many as one of the best medical school libraries in the state of Andhra Pradesh. Under the stewardship of our past presidents several charity projects were undertaken in both USA and India on individual basis and also as a group provided contributions through other charity organizations like TANA foundation. Our fellow Rangarayan Dr. Usharani Nimmagadda was recently honored by Honorable Daley, Mayor of the city of Chicago for her outstanding community service through the health clinic in Chicago, USA.RMCANA members meet every two years during the biennial reunion conferences to share the scientific knowledge and participate in cultural and social activities with other members and their families.

Dr. Upendra Nimmagadda (Founder and President RMC old boys Association)

Dr.Upendranadh Nimmagadda is the founding President of RMC Old Boys Association. Dr.Upendranadh Nimmagadda completed his M.B.B.S from Rangaraya Medical College in 1964 with gold medals in Pathology and General Surgery. Came to USA in 1967 He practiced Surgery in Chicago area until his retirement in 1999. Nimmagadda family donated $250,000 to purchase the building for the Health Clinic in Chicago and its operations. He was Founding member of Hindu Temple of Greater Chicago and Served as President for two terms. He was well known in the Indian Community in Chicago for his services as a surgeon and also for his leadership and charitable work.

Dr. Babu Sajja (President RMC Old Boys Association,1988-1991)

The last president of erstwhile RMC old Boys Association and handed over the reins to newly formed RMCANA and President Nagendra Thotakura in 1991. He is still active and enthusiastic with RMCANA activities.

Dr.Nagendra Rao Thotakura, President, 1991-93

It was so good for Rangarayans of R.M.C.A.N.A to come together to have a successful Reunions. It brings fond memories to think of Kakinada days, be the campus, hostel, day scholar life, teachers, friends, the places we hang out like Bhanu gudi center, cinema road. the Anatomy dissections, library, combined study, cramming for the exams, Hospital rotations and what not. Those are what you call” Good Old Days”. It was a privilege to be your President 1991-1993 and start RMCANA in 1991, written the By Laws had them approved at our General Body Meeting. We had a successful Reunion with over 90 of our Alumni members attended. We developed the Logo and the first Souvenir with 250 member list with addresses. Over 90 members paid their Biennial Dues.

Dr. Subbarao Gorantla, President, 1993-95

During the two years of my presidency we got tax exempt status for our organization. We had the biannual reunion along with GMC and KMC in St. Louis in 1994 and it was a great success. We published a souvenir at the convention. I also visited Kakinada and met the Principal of our college and the hospital superintendent to revive the contacts. Our local old boys association in Kakinada, under the leadership of Dr.Krishnam Raju, who was our classmate and at the time professor of pathology (now the vice chancellor of Health Sciences University) was very active then. They arranged a nice meeting with their executive committee. This led to us donating much more.

Dr. Jayakumar Kambam, President, 1995-97

In my tenure, as Vice President, I have helped and published the first full RMC alumni director. In 1996 we had our combined Guntur, Rangaraya, and Kurnool Medical Colleges alumni meeting in Atlanta. We had a formal CME session in Atlanta and I was the CME Director. In 1997, we had our alumni meeting in Los Angele during TANA meeting. Over one hundred alumni attended that meeting. Our old Principal then living in CA gave us a few minutes of Key Note speech.

Dr.Indira Mutyala: President, 1997-99

It is my pleasure and privilege to serve RMCANA as president from 1997 to 1999. During my term as president, I sent news letter to all RMCANA members (294) every three months, to share the information, to improve communication and to encourage them to participate in improving our organization . Many of our members called me and expressed their appreciation in receiving the news letters. During that time I requested Dr. A.V.Krishnam Raju, professor of Pathology, in person to help our RAMCANA members in getting needed information like credentials from our medical college to get state licensure in U.S.A. I shared this information to all RMCANA members to contact Dr. Krishnam Raju if they need any documentation from our medical college. I also met with RAMCOSA president Dr. Pullarao and his executive committee. During my term, we collected and sent several journals of various specialties to Rangaraya Medical college library. I released RMCANA member’s directory in 1999. I started Rangaraya Liaison in other countries to exchange views and information among us. During our Reunion I also extended invitation to Rangarayans in other countries. During our Reunion at TANA in 1998, we all enjoyed Dr. Apparao’s visit from England and his melodious singing took us back to past memories. Besides our Reunion at TANA in 1998, we also had our biannual Reunion along with GMC & KMC at Pittsburgh in 1999. It was well attended and successful. On a personal note, I am happyto say because of my strong desire to do social service in both India and USA along with my husband, Dr. Murthy, we took early retirement Our charity activities involve mostly in education and health. On our visits to Kakinada, we spend time with general hospital superintend and the principal of R.M.C. to discuss the needs of hospital and college. As per their request, so far, we developed the Physiotherapy unit and Obstetrics intensive care unit in Government general hospital which are helping both the patients and the students. I would like to thank all RMCANA members for their support during my term.

Dr.Ramanareddy Guduru, President, 1999-2001

President 1999 Along with Dr.Boyarreddi Subrahmanyam we continued the good work during our term. Encouraged more active participation of Rangarayans in RMC related projects.

Dr.Jayanth Gutta, President, 2001-02

I took over as president and Dr. Ramohan Kancherla as Secretary in 2000 in Long Island Re-union. Our first task was to obtain and consolidate the database of the Rangarayans in USA. From several resources we were able to compile more than 400 addresses.

Dr. Ravi Chadalavada, President 2002-04

During the term 2002 to 2004 Dr. Ram Mohan and I have started consolidating the base organization by increasing the contacts regionally. One of those success stories did happen in upstate New York under Dr. Ram Mohan’s supervision. I did visit that meeting as secretary. We kept the correspondence up-to-date with RMCANA members during that time. I am not exaggerating and I am proud to say that during 2002-2004, the seeds of collecting funds for the RMCANA library began. During this time, as secretary, I did conduct RMCANA meeting at ATA convention in Chicago for the first time, and at TANA meet at Anaheim. Subsequently, during 2004- 2006 - meetings took place at Chicago GMCANA/RMCANA and Detroit TANA meetings. Dr. Veeraiah was the secretary during this period. He visited Kakinada and met personally local leaders at Kakinada for the library site. I passed on the baton to Dr. Veeriah at the Orlando meet.

Dr.Ram Mohan Kancherla, President, 2004-2006

I took over as President and Ravi Chadalavada as Secretary in 2002. Our first task was to obtain and consolidate the database of the Rangarayans in USA. From several resources we were able to compile more than 400 addresses. Then with the help of our Rangarayan Dr.Nageswara Rao Mandava, our web site was launched. We started to actively enroll Rangarayans as Life Members. I maintained communication by mail with our Rangarayans before and after each reunion. We organized the TANA 2001 in Philadelphia under my tenure. At that time, we updated and approved the by-laws. I visited our College and met with Dr. Krishnam Raju garu and then East Godavari District Collector, who was very interested in developing our Hospital. We sent several scientific journals and text books. Subsequently We had a successful North East Regional meet in Westchester, NY. We started to collect the donations for a major Project. We continued our efforts to increase our Life Membership After my term completed as President, I continued active participation as Chairman, Board of Trustees. Along with Veeraiah, Secretary and Ravi Chadalavada, President a decision was made to build a Library in Pre-clinical Campus and started collecting funds actively.

Dr.Veeraiah Chundu, President 2006-8

I got involved in RMCANA from 2002. I was active in 2004 in organizing GMC/ RMC meet in Anaheim, CA .I was elected to executive board as secretary at that reunion. I visited Kakinada in 2003 and spent time with Principal krishnam Raju garu. He had suggested that we should do a big project in Kakinada and We all felt the best project to do was building a good library in preclinical campus. Krishnam Raju garu was instrumental in securing space for library and we collected funds in every meeting and every gathering with our friends. While we were gathering friends ,I felt I need somebody locally from Kakinada to oversee the project. I wanted to thank Drs. Murthy and Indira Mutyala for accepting this difficult responsibility. We would not have done the project without their dedication and hard work.

Dr.Mohan Kishore Kesani, President, 2008-10

I took over the responsibility of Secretary, RMCANA in 2004 and worked closely with Veeraiah Chundu, the President, in collecting the funds for RMCANA library and also various other cultural and social activities. I took over as the President and Vishnu Kalidindi as Secretary during the Dallas reunion in 2008. We shifted our fund rising activities to the top gear and we were able to get pledges close to $100,000 in the same meeting. With the involvement of several Rangarayans we collected sufficient funds and finally we were able to complete the project dedicate the library to RMC in the dedication function chaired by Honorable Sri Mullapudi Harischandra Prasad. We are extremely proud of this achievement and we are grateful to all Rangarayans who made this dream a reality. We would like to recognize Prasad kakarala, Murthy Mutyala, Upendranadh Nimmagadda, and all our past presidents for their hard work and guidance to us.. I handed over the Baton to Vishnu Kalidindi in St.Louis reunion and I wish him all the best.

Dr.Vishnu Kalidindi, President, 2010-12

My sincere thanks to all the Rangarayans for giving me the honor and privilege of leading RMCANA. First let me introduce our team of office bearers , Anu Vellanki is the president elect, Anil Gogineni is our secretary/Treasurer and Jyothi Nutakki and Prasad Nalluri are the members at large. Our Board of governors and representatives to our executive committee are Lokesh Edara, Chairman of the board, Prasad Kakarala, Murthy Mutyala, Nagendra Thotakura and Immediate Past President Mohan Kesani. We promise to work hard and make our organization grow and contribute to the communities in USA and India as per our charter

Dr.Anu PrasadVellanki, President, 2012-14
Dr.Anil Gogineni, President ,2014-16
Dr.Ravi Kolli,  President, 2016-18